About RideMetric

RideMetric is a leading developer of Telematics 2.0 solutions, currently providing comprehensive, end to end telematics technology for smartphones that can accurately assess and score driver behavior. This information can be used by insurance companies as part of their UBI (usage based insurance) programs, or by users, who may want to evaluate their or their children's driving behavior, as well as additional services like real time driving feedback and text blocking.

What it does

Driver evaluation - RideMetric turns your smartphone into a personalized driving coach, helping you drive safer by cutting down on risky habits such as as speeding and harsh braking. A separate metric tracks fuel efficiency; most drivers can save up to 10% on gas by eliminating unnecessary driving behaviors.

Location metrics - Detailed information is stored for every trip you take, such as start and end points and route taken. You can also find out where you parked your car or if any nearby spaces have recently been vacated by RideMetric users.

Anti-texting features - Text messaging creates a crash risk 23 times worse than driving while not distracted. RideMetric encourages users not to text through a reminder screen and also provides the option to send an auto-response message when texts are received.

How to get started

Just grab the app, install it on your phone, and you're all set. Remember that RideMetric auto-detects driving, but the app can easily be switched on and off using the enable/disable menu item..